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California Outdoor Properties is the premier brokerage for finding and listing Northern California ranches for sale. Equipped with a deep understanding of the region, our agents and brokers work hard to ensure you find the most suitable property for your goals. Whether you’re looking for a fully functioning ranch in Northern California or the basic infrastructure to start your own operation from scratch, you’ll find a wide range of CA land properties for sale.

Owning a Northern California ranch can be quite idyllic. Imagine the sun setting over rugged mountains as it glistens on a sparkling creek. Most parcels include a variety of land types, from prairie-like meadows to towering forests, providing both practicality and a stunning natural element. Whether you reside on your property full-time or use your ranch in Northern California as a vacation home, the region’s diverse beauty never ceases to amaze.

Buying CA land is also a good financial investment. It’s no secret that the California real estate market is hot, making a ranch in Northern California a potentially lucrative purchase. Many CA ranch owners also view their operation as a family affair, passing down the property as a legacy through several generations.

We can help you find the perfect Northern California ranch for sale no matter what type of operation you seek. From large scale cattle operations to luxury horse boarding, there is no shortage of options in the CA land market. You can also refine your search based on the type of house you wish to purchase. Northern California ranch homes vary, whether you want a high end turnkey property or a fixer upper you can redesign to make your own. Many CA ranch homes also come with guest houses and caretaker homes so you can adjust your search based on those needs as well.

With so many options available when looking for Northern California ranches for sale, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed throughout the process. That’s why our regional experts are here: to listen to your needs, narrow your search, and find you a picturesque piece of outdoor CA land to eventually call your own. We work with sellers, lenders, and other relevant parties, ensuring each step of the process goes smoothly from the time you put in your offer to the day you close on your ranch in  Northern California. Even if you’ve purchased an outdoor property in California before, you’ll be impressed by the seamless results provided by our team.

Owning a Northern California ranch is a dream for many; let us help you turn yours into a reality. Start now by browsing our Northern California ranches for sale. You won’t be disappointed.