Outdoor Properties of Nevada

We founded Outdoor Properties of Nevada in 2016 to assist buyers and sellers of farm, ranch and recreational real estate. We specialize in land, and as ranchers, farmers, and hunters, we deeply understand its value. We are family owned and operated with an old-fashioned set of values and a work ethic you rarely see today. You won’t find another company like ours.

In celebration of Nevada

Nevada is a place of unparalleled contrasts. For most, it brings to mind the desert: Smoke Creek, Black Rock, the Mojave. But Nevada is also home to our country’s largest reservoir, snowy mountain ranges (after all, Nevada means “snow covered” in Spanish), and rivers that churn and roil.

Agriculture and ranching are some of Nevada’s most important industries, and hunting here is some of the best there is. In a state with roughly 85% of its ground owned by the government, land is an especially precious thing here. We are fortunate and thankful to be working with landowners in this incredible state.

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