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Northern California Ranches for sale, Hunting Land, Vineyards, Ocean front, and Vacant CA Land Sales

At California Outdoor Properties, with our CA land for sale you have what you want the most: choices. Whether you are looking for Northern California Ranches, Southern California ranches or ca land for sale, you have come to the right place to do your browsing. As an award-winning professional company, we have assembled information on the various types of outdoor property for sale in the beautiful state of California.

CA land for sale that we offer includes Timber properties and farmland throughout the state Ranches and mountain properties for sale; River property and ocean property all over the state; hunting property of all sizes, ag land and California ranches. With all that California has to offer, these types of properties are in high demand, and we know just how to showcase properties for sale as well as how to connect buyers to their dream of the perfect recreational property.

Northern & Southern California Land For Sale

This list is just a taste of what can be found through California Outdoor Properties. The prices of tract homes plummeting, people are looking for ways to invest in property that holds true value, such as California cattle ranches or Northern California fishing properties. We understand that land is at a premium; hence the likely reason why ranch sales are on the rise, and we therefore provide information on a multitude of California ranches for sale on our easy to use website.

This state is full of properties that span all outdoor types. With just a little searching, you can find perfect recreation properties such as Southern California horse properties or Northern California horse properties for sale. Regardless of location within the state, California horse properties offer plenty of space in which to spread your wings and kick up your heels. Some properties may be turnkey and ready to run a business, like some of the Northern California cattle ranches or Southern California cattle ranches for sale. Some properties may be in pristine, untouched condition; ready for use, such as some of our California timber land for sale (specifically, Northern California timber land) or the California ocean properties for sale. Northern California ocean properties are majestic and ideal for those who want to take full advantage of coastal views and water access. In keeping with the water theme, you can also view listings for California fishing properties for sale here at California Outdoor Properties. Along with our custom properties we can help you find carports and custom barns for livestock and shelter needs.

California Farms and Turn key Ranch land for sale. Vineyards, Duck Hunting Clubs, along with Home and Property Auctions

Our listing of properties for sale in Northern & Southern California are the types that are unique and in demand. Suited to those who truly enjoy the outdoors, there is plenty of California hunting land for sale. Open and serene, Northern California hunting land offers a span of the seasons; while Southern California hunting land offers full benefits of the warm climate. And on the flip side of this type, there are the Northern California ocean properties with their breathtaking views.

Napa properties are another splendid offering in the realm of Northern California vineyard properties. Some of the best orchards in Northern California can be found in this region, along with unsuppressed beauty such as that found in all California vineyard properties.

Sell Your CA Ranch or Farm Land with a California Outdoor Property Specialists.

No matter what type of outdoor property one desires in the Sunshine State, it’s here. California is not necessarily home to only those who desire coastal properties. This is a state that truly has something for everyone. You can find California equestrian properties for sale offering a full four season experience. You can find properties right on the water or properties tucked way up into the mountains. In this west coast state, it is clear that “home” means a lot of different things.