Fay Island Farms

Stockton, California

$4,999,999 | 130 ± Acres | San Joaquin County


With sunset views of Mount Diablo and vast waterways traversing throughout the Delta, Fay Island Farms is an oasis for rest, relaxation, and adventure. Fay Island Farms comprises 100 acres (zoned for farm) with an additional 30-acre island/wetland (ideal for a hunt club) to the south with mitigation bank potential. This unique property can be used as a hunting club, fishing club, water sports vacation home, or limitless water farmland with the possibility of building more homes inland.

Fay Island is the Reclamation District 2113 with all benefits and responsibilities. There are no easements or liens, but the District does have obligations to the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Army Corps of Engineers.

There is a freshwater pump that has been tested potable and supplies all the domestic needs. There is a much larger pump to out-pump and keep the island dry. There are also siphons to quickly flood the island if desired. Levees are solid but can be improved. No more structures can be built on the levee or over water, but there are no restrictions to building inland (except perhaps septic). There is PG&E power under the channel from Bacon Island as well as wired phone, satellite TV, and internet. All structures are built on pilings, are wood with comp roofs, and while originally built over 50 years ago, have been upgraded and maintained.

For the fisherman, if you have dreamed of a place where you can catch 20-50 fish a day in the three to five-pound range and have the opportunity to bag a ten-pound fish in the same day, Fay Island is the place for you! The Delta is a bass haven with seemingly endless rock banks, expansive weed flats, and tulle islands. Home to smallmouth bass, spotted bass, largemouth bass, and striped bass (along with 51 other species of fish!), the Delta fishes big, and almost every bank holds fish.

For the water sportsman, welcome to year-round water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and personal watercraft sports in the California Delta. There are water-skiing clubs, one or more with sky jumps and slalom courses, and some stage competitive events. Some of the best skiers in the world either hail from this region or train here. As such, there is no shortage of support facilities for the water skier in the Delta area, from marinas that have almost anything you might require, waterski schools to brush up your skills, to shops that specialize in skiing and waterboarding equipment.

For the hunter, it is said that back in the day Clark Gable and John Wayne would hunt here.  The ducks were legion.  Every year, back in the 20th century, 40 acres would be planted in corn.  After planting, without any care, the corn grew tall. The corn would not be harvested, instead, come duck season, the siphons would be opened and the cornfields would be covered in six inches of water.  If you flood it, the ducks will come.

The owners were avid hunters, but their children and grandchildren did not have the bug.  The island slowly declined, and at the turn of the 21st century the hunters sold to the water-skiers.  The new owners shored up the levees, and refurbished the clubhouse, bunkhouse, bedroom suites, and decks, but did not plant the corn again, and the ducks were left alone.

Fay Island is a throwback.  It is one of a very few places in the Delta that has structures built on the levee, and even over the water -- this is grandfathered in and will never be seen again.  It has its own 5 MPH zone registered with the sheriff’s department.  It is its own Reclamation District (California Water Reclamation District 2113) with all the rights and privileges that brings.  While only 80 minutes from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, it is a world away.

The children of the water-skiers are now largely grown, and the island is getting used less and less.  It is time for the next chapter of Fay Island.  Perhaps it will again become a hunter’s refuge, a moated getaway with no connection to the roads and highways, but only accessible by boat.

No matter your interest enjoying long weekends on the water and letting the Delta breeze soothe your senses is easily done at Fay Island Farms.

  • Fay Island Farms is a 100-acre island in San Joaquin County.
  • Excellent soils for farming.
  • Fay Island Farms property would be ideal for walnuts as the soil is perfect and the water is plentiful.
  • Fay Island is California Water Reclamation District 2113.
  • Modest 800 sqft home, w/ four additional structures; two 500 sqft bunkhouses & 1,000 sqft sleeping quarters and a 600 sqft caretakers unit.
  • Potential to build more homes inland.
  • Additional 30-acre island/wetland to the south used as hunt club (has mitigation bank potential).
  • Duck hunting club, fishing club, water sports vacation home, limitless water farmland.
  • Two docks with two fixed boat lifts.
  • 500 sqft shed for storage.
  • 1.5 hr drive from either San Francisco or Sacramento.
  • Easy sail from San Francisco, Sacramento, or Stockton.

19590 Bacon Island Road
Stockton, California


37.9485458N, 121W

From CA-4 E, Turn Left onto Bacon Island Road for approximately 5miles, slight right to stay on Bacon island - 3 miles. Once at address, one needs to access boat to get onto Fay Island.

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