Nikki Rodriguez
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Nikki Rodriguez

Real Estate Agent

Cell Phone: (530) 921-6540
Fax Phone: (530) 331-0165

Licensed In California
BRE# 01971589

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As a child, growing up in San Diego, Nikki spent most of her time outdoors. Her parents nurtured her passion for nature and for animals by supporting her horse showing career, allowing her to “save” an abandoned calf at the local fairgrounds, and take care of every type of animal imaginable.

Her wide array of pets included lizards, rats, mice, birds, horses, cows, dogs, cats and the occasional tarantula or garter snake that was found around the house. Her father, Scott, having worked for the National 4-H Foundation in Washington D.C., always encouraged Nikki to take advantage of the opportunities to learn about animals and agriculture every chance she got.

Nikki joined the Community 4-H group not long after she relocated to Ramona, CA and took an interest in Dog 4-H. She also started showing Quarter Horses with her Aunt Lauren of Lauren Schurr Performance Horses and hanging around the barn trying to soak up as much time and knowledge as possible.

When Nikki moved to Northern California, she focused on school until she graduated. However after years of being in an agriculture driven society in Red Bluff, she soon found that she had a deep-rooted passion for Agriculture, the outdoors and Sustainable Resources.

Her hobbies include camping, hiking, reading, fishing and hunting.

Today, Nikki resides in Red Bluff with her husband and daughter. She enjoys catering to people’s needs and takes pleasure in understanding the unspoken needs of clients. While doing this, she also feeds her desire to learn as much as possible about orchards, livestock, and the simpler things in life by educating herself so that she is able to achieve her dream of owning a completely self-sufficient homestead.

Someday, she hopes to educate others with this ranch and show people how our resources and the respect that we have for them are directly related to our quality of life.

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